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SharePoint Connections

At SharePoint Connections, Microsoft SharePoint MVPs and SharePoint technical trainers interact with you and your peers, members of the SharePoint community, in workshops and one on one. You will get real-world help on SharePoint’s many challenges including:

  • Administering SharePoint
  • Developing for SharePoint
  • Customizing and integrating SharePoint into your business
  • Fine-tuning your deployment
  • Making SharePoint work for your end-users' needs
  • Plus SQL Server and SharePoint, SharePoint and Visual Studio, SharePoint performance, search in SharePoint, SharePoint social features, and so much more!

Learn from experts who will teach you techniques to make SharePoint work in the real world. And you'll get your questions answered and come away with knowledge that will benefit your company, your coworkers, and yourself.


Session Description Speaker Format
Building Apps for SharePoint 2013 With the release of SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has dramatically changed the rules for SharePoint developers. The introduction of the new app development model is intended to essentially eliminate the development of full-trust and sandboxed solutions for SharePoint. For developers, the situation is both intriguing and concerning. Many SharePoint developers have spent a decade mastering the intricacies of the full-trust model, but the app model forbids the use of the server-side object model. On the positive side, the app model opens up new and exciting possibilities for development. In this all-day workshop, you'll learn to develop apps for both on-premises installations and SharePoint online using various hosting models. You'll learn to access major workloads through the client-side object model and REST. You'll also learn about the new app security model and how to publish your apps. Attendees will exit the day ready to develop great SharePoint 2013 apps. Scot Hillier Workshop
Dan Holme’s SharePoint 2013 MasterClass: SharePoint Installation and Configuration, From Bare Metal to Farm SharePoint MVP Dan Holme shares the best practices, tips, tricks, and guidance for architecting, installing, and configuring a SharePoint environment to support intranet and collaboration workloads. Whether you are new to SharePoint or have been supporting previous SharePoint versions, you'll get up-to-speed quickly with procedures and scripts to deploy Active Directory prerequisites, SQL Server, and SharePoint, from “bare metal” to a fully functioning farm. You'll master important concepts (including the Service Application Framework) and skills (including how to use Windows PowerShell to administer SharePoint). You'll understand how to secure content and Web applications. You'll learn how to apply best-practice approaches to the logical architecture of an on-premises environment to support a variety of scenarios and explore potential roles for Office 365. You'll learn what it takes to implement valuable functionality, including managed metadata, search, and user profiles. Dan Holme Workshop
Automating Site Provisioning for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 For all its rich functionality, SharePoint does little to help provision and organize its sites and site collections. In this session, you'll learn how to customize SharePoint to automate site provisioning for greater consistency and governance. You'll also learn how to create a directory of sites for easy navigation. The speakers will demonstrate multiple approaches from real customer engagements, including a SharePoint 2013 app, a workflow-based solution for flexible approvals, and a full-featured, multi-farm solution that can scale for a large enterprise. Come and see how a little custom code can go a long way to organize and manage SharePoint sites. Bob German Session
Design for the Future: Build SharePoint 2010 Solutions That Become SharePoint 2013 Apps Many SharePoint developers are excited about the new SharePoint 2013 app model, but their clients are still on SharePoint 2010. Yet developing solutions the old way is a missed opportunity to prepare for the isolation and flexibility the new app model provides. In this talk, you'll learn how to have the best of both worlds: how to design SharePoint 2010 solutions so most of the code will work in the new app model by only changing the packaging. The talk will begin with a brief review of the new app model and how to run application code in the browser, in an external site, and in the new workflow engine. Then you'll see a demonstration of three sample solutions that work in SharePoint 2010 being repackaged as SharePoint 2013 apps. Come and learn how to prepare for the app model today, even when customers are still on SharePoint 2010! Bob German Session
Introduction to PowerShell for the Anxious IT Pro “What was wrong with my handy STSADM scripts?” “You mean there are things that I cannot do from the GUI now?” “WHAT THE HECK IS THIS VERB-NOUN STUFF?” If you have been thinking these or similar things about the new world order under a PowerShell-driven regime, you are not alone. Come learn the basics and how to truly optimize your SharePoint implementation using this powerful IT Pro toolset. You will walk away with a mind full of new ideas and a pocket full of scripts to get you started. Jason Himmelstein Session
SharePoint Performance: Best Practices from the Field Do you want to avoid performance mistakes? This in-depth session will discuss how to properly position your SharePoint farm for success, beginning with the hardware and ending with troubleshooting methodologies to maximize performance. Find out about the pitfalls before you hit them from someone who has climbed out of deep dark holes in the real world. Best practices from the field are combined with recommendations from Microsoft and trial-and-error experiences. Jason Himmelstein Session
Who Says You Can't Do Records Management in SharePoint? Although records management features have steadily improved with each new SharePoint version, many industry observers are starting to express their doubts as to whether SharePoint is a viable platform for building real-world ERM solutions. This session will explore the enhanced RM capabilities of SharePoint 2013 and show how to leverage them to full advantage. The session will also introduce several third-party tools that further enhance the platform to enable true enterprise-class content lifecycle management. John Holliday Session
Top 10 New ECM Features in SharePoint 2013 The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features in SharePoint have steadily improved with each new release of the platform. In this session, we'll explore the top 10 new ECM features that have been added to SharePoint 2013, with an emphasis on "new." The session will include demos that showcase real-world examples of how each feature can be used to enhance the overall user experience when working with email, collaborative documents, and official records. John Holliday Session
Implementing End-to-End SharePoint Governance Note: This is the “session” version of the keynote titled “Beyond the Buzzwords: Implementing End-to-End SharePoint Governance.” This session can't be delivered in an event at which the keynote is used. This session is valuable for IT pros, business managers, and project managers.In this comprehensive discussion of business and service governance, SharePoint MVP Dan Holme brings together elements of management, project, and development frameworks. You'll learn about the critical factors for successful governance and compliance, including vision, roles, responsibilities, accountability, measurability, process, and iteration. You'll come away with messages you can use to understand and communicate the role of SharePoint to your organization, an invaluable framework with which to translate requirements to design, guidance for avoiding requirement-gathering spin-cycles, and an understanding of the strategic, cultural, and procedural components of a successful SharePoint implementation. Dan Holme Workshop
Best Practices for Role-Based Management of Users, Groups, Permissions, Service Accounts, and Administrative Delegation In today’s compliance environment, it's critical to manage SharePoint with least-privilege security, manageability, and auditability. In this highly practical session, SharePoint MVP Dan Holme discusses everything you ever wanted to know about managing users and groups across a variety of SharePoint scenarios. You’ll learn exactly what service accounts are necessary to create a least-privilege SharePoint installation and how they must be configured. You’ll learn how to manage service accounts and their passwords to ensure compliance with your IT security policies. You’ll explore the pros and cons of multiple app pools and identities. You’ll examine approaches to user and group management to identify the best practices for various SharePoint workloads. And you’ll learn how to delegate administrative rights. You’ll be surprised by some of the very important, under-documented guidance you’ll take away, and you’ll be equipped to succeed. Dan Holme Session
Developing Search Applications in SharePoint 2013 This session looks at what developers can do with the SharePoint Search API to create custom search applications. Whether your goal is to enhance the SharePoint Search center or create custom search applications that take advantage of SharePoint’s powerful search engine, this session offers tools and techniques to help you build the solution and get the most from SharePoint Search. This session will discuss:• The New 2013 Search API• Adding query time logic• The SharePoint REST interface for Search• People Search and applying relevance Matthew McDermott Session
Developers Approach to Social Applications with SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2013 adds new social features and capabilities that can help your organization build community and increase communication. This session will demonstrate how to create applications that integrate with the SharePoint's social features and user profiles. Demonstrations will show how to use the Social and User Profile REST APIs in sample applications and how to integrate external applications into the SharePoint 2013 newsfeed. You will learn:• About the SharePoint 2013 Social API• About the SharePoint 2013 User Profile API• How to use the SharePoint 2013 REST and JSOM interfaces Matthew McDermott Session
The Only Way to Go is Up! Upgrading to SharePoint 2013 Think you know the upgrade story? SharePoint 2010 is a much larger and more complex system to upgrade than its predecessors. And Microsoft has added new tools and removed some longstanding techniques used in prior upgrades. Based on dozens of upgrades and months of practice with SharePoint 2013, we’ll show you how to plan, execute, and manage an upgraded SharePoint 2013 environment, with plenty of live demos along the way. Afterward, you'll know the upgrade story and be ready to take advantage of the powerful capabilities for information workers that SharePoint 2013 has added. Chris McNulty Session
Optimizing and Accelerating Your SharePoint Farm You might be planning to establish or upgrade a new SharePoint installation. Perhaps your SharePoint farm isn’t as fast or reliable as it used to be. Don’t give up! Either way, there are things you can do to accelerate the performance of your SharePoint farm. Join me for a review of memory and service optimization, high performance designs, disk and database optimization, security, and caching techniques to make things better. We’ll also review how to measure and interpret SharePoint’s own Key Performance Indicators. Be prepared for SQL tuning, BLOB caches, and IOPS! Chris McNulty Session
0 to 60: Apps for Office and SharePoint You will learn about the techniques used to build apps for SharePoint. We will discuss the architecture and anatomy of the cloud app model, hosting options, and development techniques. Throughout this session we will demonstrate various apps for SharePoint, while looking under the hood at how they work. Keenan Newton Session
Migrating SharePoint Solutions to Apps for SharePoint There are many business scenarios and solutions that have been built on the SharePoint 2010 platform that are critical to customers. As companies, partners, and solution providers look to move to the SharePoint 2013 platform, these solutions should be reimagined to leverage the new cloud app model and apps for SharePoint. This session will deep dive into the key scenarios and techniques of migrating the most common customization patterns from SharePoint 2010 solutions to apps for SharePoint. Keenan Newton Session
What Options Do Non-Developers Have in SharePoint 2013? In SharePoint 2013, many no-code tools and technologies can be used to make elaborate applications. In this session, you will get an introduction to tools such as Access 2013 (for Access Services), SharePoint Designer 2013, and InfoPath 2013. You will get an understanding of how these tools play together to create robust end-to-end SharePoint applications. Asif Rehmani Session
Create Powerful SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows in Office 365 and On-Premises In Office 365 (SharePoint Online), you can create dynamic and reusable workflows. SharePoint Designer 2013 lets you design powerful, multi-step workflows from scratch using stages, loops, conditions, actions, and more. You can even create your workflows graphically using Visio 2013 components built directly within SharePoint Designer 2013. You can also customize your workflow input forms using InfoPath 2013. In this session, you will learn all about SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows for the cloud and their integration with Visio 2013 and InfoPath 2013. Asif Rehmani Session
Office 365: Introduction to SharePoint Online Development SharePoint Online, part of the Office 365 suite, offers a great developer story in the cloud. Through the use of sandboxed solutions, you can deploy highly customized solutions using Visual Studio 2012. With REST and the client object model, you will be able to develop great applications that truly engage your users. We'll cover how to build apps that will work in the cloud or on-premises. You'll also learn how to configure a development environment. This session will then walk you through the process step-by-step to develop, test, and deploy your applications with SharePoint Online. If you're interested in developing solutions in the cloud, this session will have everything you need to get started. Corey Roth Session
Surfacing Your Azure External Data Using BCS in SharePoint 2013 with Alerts SharePoint has had the capability of delivering business data to end users for quite some time, but relatively few users take advantage of it. Using Business Connectivity Services (BCS), we'll show you how to index data in your back-end systems (including systems hosted by Windows Azure) and allow your users to search it. Until now, it wasn't possible to receive alerts on changes to external data. We'll cover how to configure these alerts so your users always have the latest information they need. We'll show you how to deliver customized search results tailored to your business application through the use of SharePoint 2013's new Design Manager feature. Finally, you'll see how you can search your line-of-business systems from other applications as well as from a SharePoint app using JavaScript. If you want to take advantage of the power of SharePoint search in your custom applications, this session is for you. Corey Roth Session
Data Visualization with SharePoint and SQL Server One key factor driving the self-service BI market is the growing volume and complexity of data. As a result, enterprises are adopting new interactive reporting tools designed to put more data analytics capabilities into the hands of business users. In this session, you'll learn what self-service reporting tools are available in SharePoint 2013 and how they can be used to create business solutions to visualize and navigate data. You'll also learn how to meet your business needs and discover best practices implementing data visualizations. Paul Swider Session
Extending the Business Process Management Features of Office 365 Organizations tend to have many business processes. Discovering and automating business processes can be useful to organizations for a number of reasons, including better overall process management and maintenance when working with external partners. In this session, you'll learn how to extend the content type, InfoPath, and workflow features of Office 365 and SharePoint to automate real-world business processes using a hosted environment. Paul Swider Session

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