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 Tim Ford 
Speaker ImageFounder
SQL Cruise / SQL Agent Man Consultancy

Tim Ford has been involved with data in some shape or form since 1993. His early days with Excel programming led to MS Access and then the last 15 years with Microsoft SQL Server. Now, with today's push for Business Analytics he's back in Excel 20 years later. Tim is the Lead DBA for Spectrum Health and also is the CEO of SQL Agent Man Consultancy. Twice yearly Tim takes 25 students and 5 MVPs and MCMs on SQL Cruise for technical and professional development training while at sea and relaxation while in port. If you're interested in high-quality training in a relaxed atmosphere with unrestricted access to the trainers for a full week then check out sqlcruise.com! Tim is a speaker, SQL Saturday organizer, volunteer, and author. His book with Louis Davidson: Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views is widely available. He is also serving in his first term on the Board of Directors for The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS).
  • Shortcuts to Productivity in SQL Server Management Studio
  • From Zero to Hero: A Case Study in Reducing Extremely High I/O on a SQL Server System

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